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Flexischools is a online ordering and payment tech company with a user base of over 750,000; it’s safe to say it’s a pretty successful product. They're also a long term partner of ours, so when the opportunity came knocking to add our UX touch to a brand new product they were developing, we couldn't wait to get stuck in.

The project involved us teaming up with their internal team of strategists, product managers and back end developers, combining their knowledge and skill with our efforts across User Interface design, front end development and shaping the overall User Experience. We've worked in this kind of pairing before, helping a software team refine and implement their vision, and find the collaboration and sharing of ideas leads to awesome outcomes.

New school
payment tech

Rovr is part of the bigger Flexischools platform - a sophisticated solution that allows students to pay for things like food and uniforms using an online account or their student ID. It means schools don’t have to outlay a huge cost in providing each student with a new payment card and can simply use what they already have in place. Simple and smart.

Rovr itself is a cross platform app that was built from the ground up to work within this ecosystem and allow for fast and easy sale transaction processing. It pairs an iOS or Android device with a barcode scanner, creating a lightweight Point of Sale system than can scan product barcodes and accept payments.

the wire

The requirements building stage was a mix of face to face meet ups and intense requirement gathering to map a clear project direction. We then pushed over into wireframing, starting with hand drawn sketches for internal use and then moved to more complex screens, eventually using prototyping tools to demonstrate user flows and interactions.

Taking an iterative approach allowed both teams to see in black and white what was working and what wasn’t, screen by screen, layer by layer; long before any time was spent on the visual styling of the app.

Driving desire
through design

With the user flow locked down it was time to head across to the design layer - developing the special sauce that brings products to life. The visual layer makes great products feel inviting, tappable and fat-finger friendly in many different user cases - from a bus driver in bright sunlight, to dark conditions, or users with poor vision.

From vision
to reality

As the Rovr team went to work engineering the product, Ply worked side by side translating designs into functional code; ironing out inconsistencies across not only across iOS and Android, but also variabilities across versions of a platform (i.e. Android Jellybean vs Ice-cream Sandwich) to create a consistent user experience no matter the device.

Taking a component based approach played a big part in speeding up development, allowing multiple views to the replicated and re-used across multiple devices. We also worked hand in hand with the Flexischools back-end dev guys to ensure a smooth integration of data from the API into the front-end views.

Released into
the wild

With the project buttoned down and tested on a variety of devices, it was time to release the product to the product in a limited release to a few key customers. This beta period included some more testing and tweaking for quality control, and then it was ready for a full release the wider market.

The resulting uptake was significant, with strong growth in transaction volumes following the launch, and 50% of new services being served with Rovr.

Rovr is a great success for Flexischools. Customers love the simple to use design and the mobility of the application means it can be applied to a variety of school purposes from canteen to events and bus ticketing.

Ply was key to our success by creating a cutting edge design, technical consultancy and working as a part of our development team.

Nina Ketley - Product Manager, Flexischools

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