Setting the standard

RateSetter are leading the charge in bringing Peer-To-Peer Lending to the good people of Australia - put simply it's a better way to borrow and invest for everyone involved. We continue to work with their internal marketing and development team by providing an outside perspective on design and user experience, helping them create a vibrant and user-friendly website while increasing conversion and driving new account signups.

Our role was to collaborate with the internal teams to not only produce great visual design backed by UX smarts, but also develop the front end code and deliver it in a way that integrated nicely into their development flow and platform requirements.

Guided by the light

It’s a familiar story but one of our favourites; A bright young spark of a company is doing great things in their field and wants to improve their brand, product or experience to better reflect their awesome offering.

In this case RateSetter had a great product - better loans for consumers and a smarter way to invest - backed by a fully functional platform that made it all happen. The goal of the project was to redesign their website in a way that showcased the great benefits on offer, reinforced the trustworthiness and professionalism of the brand, while always driving users through the funnel to increase signups. Throw some international brand guidelines in the mix and our challenge was set.

The Challenge

Working within international brand guidelines, while producing something local and new

The team needed to be able to build new content pages quickly

A firm launch deadline for phase one to meet the market

Working with a remote team spanning different business units

Our Approach

Keep what’s great about the brand while adding some new perspective and flavour

Modular page designs that fit together like puzzle pieces

A focused effort form the team with dedicated resources allocated to the project

The latest online tools mixed with regular and open communication