Rocking the suburbs

Our dear friends who founded CrowdPleaser are true champions of live music and entertainment. They saw a massive gap in the market - with oodles of musicians and artists at all levels looking for more chances to showcase their craft, and thousands of events every year that could use some more excitement and good feels.

We've been working alongside Rory and Becky since pretty much day one, helping them craft their brand and build out their online marketplace to help everyday people find and book epic entertainment for their event and create unforgettable moments.

Emotions running high

In developing the brand with the CP team, we wanted to capture the emotive feeling that comes from great entertainment and live events. Feelings of joy, excitement and the fun of a shared experience played into the choices we made for fonts, colours and shapes that define the CrowdPleaser look and feel.

As the marketplace caters for entertainers and artists of many types, the branding had to be flexible and adapt to different situations, but at the same time have a core aesthetic that is distinct and recognisable. We even created a custom photo filter to ensure all the brand imagery has that CrowdPleaser feel.

More than meets the eye

Building a digital marketplace is a deceptively complex beast. While the user experience is simple and the typical journey to find an artists is straightforward, there's a lot of work that goes into planning out and documenting all the different screens and functional requirements.

We spent a big chunk of time developing wireframes and specs for account management, notifications, the quoting and booking process, messaging between customers and artists, and much more - all before designing the visual layer for a single page. Getting this right early on in a project makes for a more focused design and development phase, while helping us make sure all bases are covered.

And we're live!

Armed with a clear visual identity and comprehensive specifications, we set out to combine the two into an engaging and exciting online marketplace, while also optimising the user experience to encourage artists to sign up, and event organisers to book through the platform.

For visual interest we focused on clean layouts and large photos to capture the excitement and energy that only live entertainment can deliver.

On the UX side we wanted to make sure that the artist sign up process was simple and clear, while also giving the user full control over how they are represented on the site. The customisable artist profile page adapts to the content uploaded by the user, allowing them to showcase their wares through images, video, sound and text.

For event organisers, we honed in on making the search process easy and intuitive, while merging the quote process with a chat interface to make booking an artist feel open, transparent and straightforward.