A website on the edge

Any way you look at it, businessDEPOT is an accounting and advisory firm with a fondness for living on the edge. It takes a certain kind of gumption to set out to change the way a traditional service is offered, and that spirit is summed up with bD’s simple mission to Empower Bright Ideas.

With that boldness in mind, we were tasked with creating a unique website that embodies their offbeat and innovative presence, which would also set the tone for all communications with BD going forward.

Bright ideas for
Bold minds

We kicked things off with a deep dive to immerse ourselves in the brand and the market they operate in. This involved getting all the big thinkers in a room and then peppering them with a raft of probing questions.

Our goal was to uncover the insights that set businessDEPOT apart, whilst also tapping into the spirit of the team that drives the business. What we discovered was a group of real people with bundles of energy, a down-to-earth attitude and a passion for helping growing businesses in whatever way they could.

It’s these type of insights that would set the stage for positioning the brand, generating visual ideas, creating the design and executing the concept.

The Old Guard

  • A typically stodgy industry focused on ‘balancing the books’
  • Dry and boring copy that’s full of jargan
  • Reactive attitude - ‘see you next year at tax time’
  • Limited offering of number crunching services

The New Approach

  • An innovative team who simply care about helping bring your ideas to life
  • Plain talking, down to earth language
  • Proactive idea generation, delivered with energy
  • Advice and insight beyond the numbers, and access to a dynamic network